Working Towards Solving the Problem of Marking Essays


What is COMARKER™?
COMARKER™ serves teachers and editors who mark-up text. The idea is simple: marking with COMARKER™ you use dramatically fewer keystrokes to insert robust comments. COMARKER™ not only gets you to the comment line quicker, it also remembers your previous comments, returns them on demand, and shares similar comments from other markers. Thus, once you or any other marker has entered a comment, any marker may reuse the comment, and no marker will ever have to type it again.

Marking text is a very repetitive task, but COMARKER™ dramatically reduces repetition.

Find out how COMARKER™ can save you time, even while it improves the quality and consistency of feedback for students. It’s FREE

Join the COMARKER™ Collaboration
During the BETA TESTING phase (two years) subscribe to COMARKER™ for FREE. Add all your students, and assign them to teachers and markers without restriction. We only ask that you help us improve COMARKER™ by responding to our occasional requests for feedback.